Federal Court judge interference in the Australian labour market

Mordecai (Mordy) Bromberg is a judge in the Federal Court of Australia. Several days ago, he ruled that a car manufacturing company in Australia was not permitted to put an industrial matter to its employees for a vote. The issue was over a planned amendment to the workplace agreement that is currently in place. The company’s stated intention was to reduce costs in the business to improve productivity. Reading between the lines in the context of car manufacturing in Australia, it is also likely that the future of the business is under question. 

Instead of allowing employees to vote on the matter, the judge ruled no vote was permissible.

In a free and productive society, employers and employees voting on matters that concern them is surely a sign of common sense, maturity and respect for freedom. In the event that a judge deems such behaviour should be prevented, then some other force is at work. It is not a force to be welcomed if living standards are to be maintained.