The intolerant left

In 1949, the monumental economic treatise ‘Human Action’ was published, written by Ludwig von Mises. The book remains of immense significance. It is undoubtedly a tough read. Murray Rothbard produced his own magnum opus ‘Man, Economy and State’ a few years later that similarly was an economic treatise built from the ground up. Rothbard and von Mises had similar understandings. Rothbard’s work was a little more accessible for the reader. But von Mises was the grand master. If you question the relevance of a book written over 60 years ago, consider this quotation*:

“The rigid dogmatism peculiar to religious groups and to Marxism results only in irreconciliable conflict. It condemns beforehand all dissenters as evildoers, it calls into question their good faith, it asks them to surrender unconditionally. No social cooperation is possible where such an attitude prevails.”

That quotation is as true, relevant and topical today as it ever was. Today’s Marxists, greens and the totalitarian left are just as vicious as their predecessors.

* Human Action, Ludwig von Mises, Scholar’s edition 1998, p185