Slow and Steady

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Melbourne launch of John De Ravin’s new book called “Slow and Steady”.

The book is a collection of 100 strategies for building wealth. Strategies are there for all stages of life. Each one is presented succinctly and with clear explanation as to whom it applies and why it works.

The practicality and readability of this book is perhaps best exemplified by noting that my children are interested in it and I see them reading about the topics that are directly relevant to them. They are interested in John’s strategies on car expenses, education debts and property investment. John’s work will be very helpful for many people. It’s available at this link.

One thought on “Slow and Steady

  1. Thanks for your kind words David, I really appreciate it!

    This isn’t the first time that actuaries have told me that their 17-25 year old children have gotten heavily into the book. I wonder whether that special enthusiasm is because there isn’t much introduction to personal finance at school or even university level? Which raises the question of whether educational institutions should do more on this front.

    At the moment responsibility for introducing kids to personal finance seems to fall largely to parents, or to the kids’ own reading and research. Which leaves many young adults with limited financial skills or knowledge.

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