Rainbow Lorikeets

Noisy little birds. They chew through the apples on my apple trees. But their pairing and concerns for each other are endearing. They witter away to each other as if discussing today’s letters to the editor. This chap was photographed in the Melbourne autumn on Kodak Ektachrome 100 film, 100mm lens.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeets

  1. “Rainbow Lorikeets”—lovely little birds, beautifully illustrated—when I finally got to see and read about them. I had to wade through a raft of ads, some very ugly,indeed, before I could. Is this the fault of my account or yours? Quaker Activist

  2. Today’s letters to the editor of the AFR, David?
    If only we could work out what’s lorikeet for “superannuation” and “compulsory”, we’d know what they think about current topical issues.

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