Blackshirts, brownshirts and hair shirts

I listened to a BBC Hard Talk interview of Roger Hallam this weekend, he being the founder of Extinction Rebellion. The ER group comprises the type of people who glue themselves to streets and footpaths because of climate change. No, it’s not clear why being glued to the road will change the climate, but it takes all sorts.

It is worth listening to Roger to understand the depth of his paranoia. In his mind, human civilisation is about to collapse. Within 50 years, he says the planet’s population will have dropped to 1 billion. That is, 6 billion people (give or take a few) will die. Primarily, this will be due to starvation. Roger believes that ‘the elites’ and the politicians know this but have been lying to the people about efforts being made to combat climate change. In his view, a critical mass of ‘ordinary’ people have realised this and now it is time for mass civil disobedience. He has studied theories of establishing revolution. At least in this regard, he knows his stuff.

Extinction Rebellion, GetUp! and Antifa are brothers in arms. All three groups have common objectives, although they come from different directions. All want to overturn free market economies. They use climate change as an agent of fear to assist their causes. Roger Hallam appears genuinely to believe that climate catastrophe is already locked in. How he can continue to believe that in the face of clear evidence to the contrary is not easy to understand. At what point will he say he was wrong? How many more years of no climate catastrophe does he need? So-called climate experts have been telling us for the last thirty years that we have only 10 years before it’s all too late. The predictions have always been wrong.

Extinction Rebellion will probably fizzle out of existence, but it can do a fair amount of damage in the interim. So far, ER activists have limited their activities to blocking streets. But they have talked about using drones to shutdown airports. If their non-violent activities turn to dangerous stunts, then not only will they cause economic interruption, but potentially life threatening events. Roger predicts violence in the streets very soon.

Meanwhile, Antifa, the supposed anti-fascist movement, appears more fascist by the month. The members are uniformed thugs beating up people in the streets. GetUp! members are possibly more politically savvy, but their objectives are almost the same. Together, these three groups are dangerous threats to civilised society. They need to be understood, their methods exposed and be treated accordingly.