2 thoughts on “The unruly mob is getting quite annoyed

  1. The new yorktimes has an article on Sweden’s failed response today.

    I looked up the normal number of deaths i Sweden is 90k per year. Corona deaths 5k. Even if all are extra deaths 5% increase doesn’t seem high if the population has developed “herd immunity”. Even if the deaths continue at same rate For the rest of the year a 10% increase does not seem to be high for a crisis.

    Am I missing something.


    On Sat, 11 Jul 2020, 8:02 am Australian Actuary, wrote:

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    • Agreed. I can’t see how anyone can describe the Swedish approach as a failure. In terms of deaths per million population, Sweden is performing better than Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy. Sweden ranks 7th in that measure. France and USA are not much behind the Swedish outcome.

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