General Election in the UK

The election result in the May general election has seen the Conservative party win majority Government. This is undeniably the best result for the UK and interested on lookers. To commentators, the result is a huge surprise. Pre poll accepted wisdom was that there would be no single party majority but instead a messy cobbled together and inherently unstable coalition, possibly with Labour as senior partner. Fortunately, that was avoided.

The UKIP party won approximately 13% of votes, yet only 1 seat, due to the workings of the electoral system. In contrast, the Scottish National Party won 5% of the vote and 56 seats. Go figure.

What Mr Cameron should now do is recognise that the Conservative majority, plus the 13% vote to UKIP, shows that the UK population appreciates economic management. To date, the Government has made modest progress in correcting the economic mismanagement of Labour. Key action is now needed to reduce the budget deficit, reduce statism, reduce welfare abuse and reward individual responsibility. Profit is not a dirty word – profits, and reward for effort, must be admired, not demonised. Tax rates should be reduced, trade liberalised and regulations scrapped. Mindless regulation imposed by the EU must be resisted or ignored – yes, Brexit would be an excellent outcome.

Mr Cameron is not in the mould of Mrs Thatcher or Mr Reagan. But he should take heart that displaying the attitude of those two great leaders to economics will gain him electoral respect, despite what the leftist media says. Please get on with it.