Gathering voices

Some months ago, I posted a piece here saying that the problem with the economy had nothing to do with high interest rates. Cutting interest rates further would not work. Since then, the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the official cash rate from 2.5%pa to 2.0%pa.

If only a few more economists would make their views known, such as here, and a few more would stand up to the uninformed mainstream economics doctrines* taught mostly everywhere since the death of Keynes, then we would begin to see an improvement in public policy. Let’s hope.

* To help kickstart thinking, how many borrowers pay 2%pa on their borrowings? What is your mortgage rate? What is your credit card rate? What is the cost of capital under a debt finance model for a small business? There are thousands of interest rates in the market, not just one with stepped margins. Why would that be? What does that mean for the IS/LM model and ‘the’ interest rate?