Wow! Solar has overtaken coal in energy generation in winter in Australia- read all about it in the @FinancialReview

So shouts the headline in today’s edition of the Australian Financial Review.

Big news, right? I was interested and so I read on.

That’s it?

Read on.

Now I get it. For the grand total of 3 hours 55 minutes, solar electricity generation was higher than that of coal. From 1st to 21st August, there are 504 hours. So take off 3 hours 55 minutes that leaves 500 hours 5 minutes in August where solar wasn’t supplying as much energy as coal fired generation. Further, there are times when solar generates nothing, judging from that graph. I wonder why that would be?

The editor at the Fin Review and the journalists are either deliberately trying to deceive readers, or they are simply incurious scribes who will reprint any press release handed to them without thought and pretend it’s a story. Are there any other explanations?