Basement software coder tries to extrapolate knowledge of computer code to saving humanity. Not entirely successful.

A co-founder of a behemoth software business, Mike Cannon-Brookes, is in the media now after a spectacular collapse of his dream extension cord business.

His plan remains to build a giant solar panel wind farm and a big battery in Australia, and plug that into Singapore via a gigantic cable that traverses more than 5,000 km of the earth, mainly undersea. The project’s other main financier wanted the project scrapped and scaled down into a purely domestic affair. MCB didn’t agree and predictably the project business has collapsed into receivership this week.

Mike knows a few computer languages, I expect. But does he know much about physics? Possibly not, although he could be in the process of learning.

Or maybe not. He also assumed he knew a thing or two about pandemics. Here he is a lambasting Sweden for its public health response to Covid.

And here is the full story.

Sweden 1, MCB 0.

As to the giant extension cord, I expect the result will be Physics 1, MCB 0.