The doddering, the unhinged, the Messiahs and the frantically busy hotel manager at the WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland has just wound up its 2023 meeting. What a joy it is to behold the WEF meetings.

Because it is when the participants believe themselves to be among friends that they say what they really think, thus exposing themselves to scrutiny. In the eyes of many, Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, is evil personified.

Klaus Schwab

I disagree. I think he is a doddering old fool. I think he is incapable of achieving anything other than an expensive gabfest each year.

Klaus founded the WEF over 50 years ago. For half a century he has been holding annual gabfests. All ideas discussed stem from the basic premise that the nation state must disappear and a global government take over, staffed by self-selected elite people, like Klaus, who will determine how humanity should live. This is the fundamental thesis of his idea, and he makes this known through his speeches, meetings and books that he writes. His Great Reset idea is that by 2030, no one will own anything but will be happy. All assets will be controlled by a cabal of global government in conjunction with corporate institutions. If this sounds like fascism, you’re almost right. It is definitely fascist to impose a government control in cahoots with a captured corporate sector. But is Klaus the man to do it? If yes, he would have already done so at the point of a gun. Over 50 years of talking? He is not evil. He is a twit.

But the real joy of seeing the WEF attendees talk is that they say what they believe. Instead of remaining silent and having people not sure if they are idiots, they open their mouths and consequently remove all doubt.

Let’s start with Jim Hagemann, Chairman of Siemens AG. He said this week that he thinks that 1 billion people should stop eating meat so as to assist the rapid decarbonization of food production. He didn’t have time to name which 1 billion of the planet’s approximate 7 billion should step up to the plate, or rather, step back from the plate. This has been a theme for a number of years with many activist groups calling for the use of algae, insects and synthetic proteins to replace meat in the human diet.

Then take Al Gore, the man who used to be the next president of the US. He went a little unhinged into a rant. I can’t adequately describe his laughable performance, but do watch a short clip here. Gone troppo, is how I would describe Al. I think he never got over losing the presidential election in 2000. He tried to convince everyone that he invented the internet. That didn’t work. So he is now like a bumbling drunken uncle in the corner, banging on with his lunacy.

John Kerry, US Climate Czar, seems to be suffering from a messiah complex. In his speech, he claimed that he and his fellow attendees were “a select group of human beings with an almost extraterrestrial plan to save the planet.” Watch here.

The hotel manager where the guests stay at Davos, Hans-Rudolf Rutti, says that the effort that he and the staff go through to meet the needs of the guests is enormous. As reported in, they have to get by on less than four hours sleep a night during the meeting, and the rest of the day is frantically busy. The conference centre is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel, but because it is cold, many guests prefer to take a limousine rather than walk, according to the manager. That ride takes about 45 minutes but the guests want to be comfortable. They all have their own special needs that we must look after.

The WEF annual meeting is fun to watch. To watch the doddering old fools. The hypocrisy. The virtue-signallers, the sycophants and the grifters who want to be seen in that company. Human nature can be very ugly indeed among Davos attendees. But human nature can also be very perceptive. The members of the human race not attending WEF meetings can smell the stench from miles away.